BFP helping supply the nation in difficult times

During these unprecedented and difficult times for the nation, we would like to assure everyone that we have put every measure we can in place to ensure we can fulfill everyone’s orders so they can continue to carry on producing food goods and feeding the nation. We are increasing our stock levels and ensuring staff are as protected as possible so there will always be someone here to speak to if you need it.

We can supply a wide range of bakery products including flour, sugar, butter, fat, oil, cereals, milk powders and much more.

We will do our best to help any customer existing or new to ensure you don’t run out of those essential ingredients – please call if we can help.


Christmas Jumper Day 13th December 2019

It was Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 13th December so we decided that we would participate at our Head Office this year to help to raise money for Save The Children.


Christmas Jumper Day was introduced by children’s right charity, Save The Children, in 2012. People can take part at their workplace, school, group or with family and friends. The aim of the event is to raise money for children by wearing festive jumpers on 13th December and to donate a minimum of £2 towards the organisation if you would like to participate. It said that Save The Children have raised £17m for children living in poverty in the UK and elsewhere in the world through the Christmas Jumper Day event.


On Friday, we invited everyone at our Head Office to come to work wearing their Christmas Jumper. We were not disappointed! We organised a Christmas Jumper Day Sweepstake which was won by our lovely Brenda and a Best Dressed Prize which was won by our fabulous Janice who went all out and made not one... but TWO homemade Christmas Jumpers! We had a blast looking a little silly for 1 day to help turn money into a better world and raised over £70! We hope that you and all of our customers had a great Christmas Jumper Day too!


Head over to Facebook to participate in BFP's first ever


Black Friday is just 10 days away so we decided that whilst our customers are spending, in preparation for the festive season, we would help you to save with a BLACK FRIDAY GIVEAWAY.


1 x 10kg MacPhie Sponge Cake Mix
1 x 5kg MacPhie Rainbow Vanilla Frosting
1 x 5x8” Round Cake Drums
1 x 2x2.5kg White Cova Paste
1 x Your own Product Image F
eatured on BFP Social Media

Enter our giveaway to win and to have your baking featured on BFP’s Social Media. The winner will be chosen from a draw and announced on Black Friday, 29th November 2019! LIKE AND COMMENT on our Facebook or Instagram post with AN IMAGE OF ONE OF YOUR BAKERY CREATIONS to enter. 

Good luck!

Sponsored by MacPhie

The Vegan Revolution

We are all much more conscious, in the modern age, of our impact upon the Earth and mindful of changes that can be made to minimise the negative impacts. Veganism is one movement that has gained traction in this effort and we are now seeing Veganism at an all time high, as reported by sources such as the BBC and Forbes magazine. Many people are now choosing a Vegan diet due to concern over animal welfare and to our environement. As a result, Vegan products are now a must for any business to keep up with market trends and fulfil this rising dietary requirement. We want to make sure that our customers are ready and able to cope with this demand and to encourage our customers to be innovative with the range that they are able to offer. We work with the best quality suppliers to bring the right products to our customers so we have teamed up with Puratos to promote their range of Vegan products. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more about pricing for this range and buy your range of Puratos Vegan friendly products from BFP. Visit the Puratos website to download your brochure!

Trade Winds

Here at BFP, we believe that it is important to constantly grow and develop. We do this by ensuring that we have a complete range for our customers and, as a result, we are always trying to improve this.


We are in an incredibly advantageous position due to the experience of our sister company, Kent Foods, who have years of experience in sourcing products from around the World, not to mention experience in repacking and manufacturing. We are always adding more stings to our bow! At our Basildon site, we have state-of-the-art facility where we operate our own oil packing plant which allows us to meet almost any quantity requirement under our Albex brand. It also features an IBC cleaning station to ensure maximum cleanliness of our eco-friendly, returnable containers. This is also where we produce our comprehensive range of Paramount chocolate coatings for the bakery, confectionary and health food industries. Alongside this, we also have our own repacking facility at our depot in Hunslet and our very own blending plant where we are able to produce bespoke, dry ingredient blends such as cake mixes, milk powders and baking powders. These are just some of the many projects that we are undertaking which give us the opportunity to react to our customers’ needs and tailor our range to suit.


Our latest brand launch, Trade Winds, is no different. Trade Winds is one of the many projects that we have been working on, of late, at our Hunslet repacking site. Our customers asked for more manageable pack sizes of nuts and seeds without compromising the quality that is currently on offer. We listened.

A nut is a dry fruit which consists of one or two seeds enclosed in a hard shell. A seed is a very different thing from a nut in the botanical sense but the nutritional benefits of both are very similar. Both nuts and seeds are healthy plant foods which are rich in healthy fats, protein and fibre. This makes them fantastic ingredients to use in your bakes – particularly due to the rising popularity of plant-based eating. Looking for a dairy free milk? Nut milk. Looking for a dairy free butter? Nut butter. Looking for a wholesome snack? Nuts! Nuts are taking over the World! We want to ensure that our customers are up to date with all of the latest bakery trends so it is time to order your nuts and seeds from BFP.


Get in touch to learn more about our Trade Winds range and keep an eye out for our upcoming Trade Winds promotion!

Victoria Sponge Cake

It is the final day of National Baking Week so we felt that it would be rude not to mention the famous Victoria Sponge Cake and take the opportunity to be inspired. Afterall, there are no calories on a Friday

Victoria Sponge Cake is one of the most quintessentially British bakes that can be found. The Duchess of Bedford, one of Queen Victoria’s ladies in waiting, is thought to be the innovator of Afternoon Tea, where the Victoria Sponge found its fame. The menu consisted of assorted small cakes, sandwiches, sweets and teas – Queen Victoria simply could not resistand and so Afternoon Tea was born. The Queen’s Afternoon Tea was by no means a casual event, however, as Queen Victoria and her ladies would enjoy their tea and cakes in their extravagant formal dresswear in the late 1800s. The famous sponge, however, did not gain Queen Victoria’s name until later in her life. Historians suggest that it was at Osborn House, Queen Victoria’s residence on the Isle of Wight, where the famous sponge was crowned her namesake.


The classic Victoria Sponge Cake consists of two layers of wonderfully light sponge, sandwiched with lashings of lavish jam and cream. We recognise that longevity is incredibly important when it comes to baking, however, so we have adapted the famous Victoria Sponge to include sweet, fluffy buttercream as opposed to pesky fresh cream. We also know how important it is to make sure that your products stand out from the crowd so we have decided to give Victoria Sponge a face lift! We used a circular nozzle on our piping bag to make fluffy, buttercream peaks on top of our sponge, alongside some strawberry slices to add a pop of colour.


We offer all of the ingredients to make your perfect Victoria Sponge Cake, or ours! A great Victoria Sponge Cake is always a winner on the shelf and its simplicity makes it a profitable line for any bakery. Call your nearest depot to order the ingredients to satify your latest baking inspiration.


Basildon: 01268 293 634

Bristol: 01179 827 650

Hunslet: 01924 223 710

Livingston: 0141 473 1621


Until next year, National Baking Week!

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Luxury Malteser Cake

It is National Baking Week! 

National Baking Week began on 14th October this year, encouraging the nation to wipe the dust off of their mixers and join the baking craze. We, of course, alongside our customers, always have baking at the forefront of our mind.


National Baking Week was founded in 2007 by Pyrex whose aim was to encourage those at home to buy their sugar, pick up their spatulas and bake – regardless of ability. Baking has always been a much-loved hobby across the UK and this is not set to decline. Amongst the endless baking and cooking shows on our screens, can anyone really resist the urge to create their own sweet treat?


We decided that there is no better time to experiment so we started baking. We want to show our customers how important their time is so we made it our mission to produce a treat that requires minimum effort for maximum results. Our Luxury Malteser Cake recipe will ensure that you can maximise your profits by spending less time in the kitchen whilst still producing the tastiest, quality products. Time is not just important in the kitchen, however, so we want our customers to be able to use our ‘One Stop Shop’ to make life that little bit easier. There is no need to call your chocolate supplier or flour supplier separately any more – we are here to save that extra time on ordering, whilst still saving those extra pennies and pounds.


In this recipe, we have utilised a small number of ingredients for maximum impact – resulting in an almost fudgey texture with a sweet, chocolatey finish. Try out our Luxury Malteser Cake today! Download here!


New blends of cake mix.

This month Artisan's choice will launch a new range of carefully developed caken mixes.

The range will include:



Choc Muffin

Madeira Cake Mix

Plain Muffin

Creme Cake Mix

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